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Technology in golf lessons

Dual force plates measure leverage and thrust power in the golf swing!

These are the technical tools and training equipment that are used in a contemporary instructional session.

  1. V-1 video swing analysis: The use of video analysis during any instructional session is invaluable. For most golfers, muscular movements and effective body positioning may not be apparent. Common small mistakes to major swing faults may not be felt. As the saying goes, “feel is not sometimes real”. Video analysis allows the student to see and visually inspect their swing.
  2. S2M dual force pressure plates: This device is the “missing link” in golf instruction. S2M efficiently and correctly measures student to ground pressure during the golf swing, and provides graphic photos of student efficiency using the ground to create power and stability.
  3. Launch monitor technology: Measures 3 crucial factors in the golf swing to verify student progress.
    • Swing Speed.
    • Ball Speed / Smash Factor. Smash factor relates to the amount of energy transferred to the ball from the club head.
    • Shot Distance. Launch monitors verify progress of instruction!
  4. The Amazing Angle Golf Swing Trainer: A “slow and deliberate” swing training device that allows students to feel and habituate efficient positions and movements of the golf swing indoors and outdoors.
  5. The Impact Snap: A Swing training device that helps the student develop an optimum change of direction from “end of backswing” to “downswing” while developing the feeling of downswing lag!